Han in the community

For The Search for Immortality our Education team have been working on new ways for people to experience the exhibition with two local groups; Chinese Families Together and the Jumpcuts film group.

The two projects are part of a national scheme for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad called Stories of the World, where young people have been contributing to special exhibitions across the country.  In the East of England we have been working with other Museums to create projects with young people on the themes of China, India and Pakistan called Eastern Exchanges.


Chinese Families Together

The Fitzwilliam has been working with Chinese family groups in Cambridge since 2010, staging big events on Chinese culture and on a project called Making Memories.  By making links with the Chinese collections here the project has tried to help the British born younger generation to connect in a new and deeper way with their Chinese heritage.

This project aimed to place the Chinese families involved at the heart of the celebrations in the run up to the opening of The Search for Immortality. Over the past two years families have worked with curatorial staff behind the scenes discovering some of the amazing stories behind the artworks in the Chinese collections. They then worked with a professional story teller and used traditional Chinese stories to create new stories using drama, music and drawing.  They then created their own Family Fitz Kit story boxes linked with the collection which you can collect when you visit the Museum.

Chinese Families Together dancer logo

Chinese Families Together have used their story telling and creative skills again to create their own trail for visitors to The Search for Immortality.  They have chosen 17 objects from a selection of the over 370 artefacts in the exhibition and created their own labels featuring riddles describing their chosen objects.

You can pick up the booklet they created when you visit the exhibition. Follow their tour by looking for the dancer logo on the labels and see what you can discover from their mysterious riddles.


Jumpcuts – A documentary on The Search for Immortality

For The Search for Immortality we have teamed up with the Arts Picturehouse cinema in Cambridge to help young people in the region learn how to create their own film.

The cinema’s film making group for young people, Jumpcuts, are getting exclusive access to the exhibition and our staff to document the show when it is open and provide their own take on Han Dynasty history.

They will be writing, filming and editing the documentary themselves with the final film available in summer 2012.

We will be posting further news on these projects here and on our Han blog.  So keep an eye on this page for more images and updates as the projects progress.